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The ceremony of publishing the 10th Vol of

Iranian Encyclopedia For young People, 2007



Ali Rafi

Ali Rafi (1983- … )

Iranian Graphic Designer, Photographer & Author.

– Graduated from Public School of University of Tehran in Graphic Art. 2003
– “From Postage to HG” Iranian Encyclopedia For young People Poster Exhibition. Feb 2007
– “40 years, Garsia Marquez” Poster Exhibition. May 2007

– “World Graphic Design Day Poster” Rasm Publication. Apr 2007
– Participant in “Visualising Issues in Pharmacy [VIP]” produced, directed and funded by The Omnium Research Group at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales (Australia) and written in collaboration with the School of Pharmacy (University of Auckland, NZ). May-June 2007

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